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> What's the result of doing
> dig @ SOA swtk.info
> It looks like that could be what's failing, rather than the actual zone
> transfer.
Hello Simon

After one night spent on the subject I finally managed this morning to have
it working (and finally read the man page from beginning to end :))

I think that what worked was to add to the config file


and define rpi-dmz in /etc/hosts

Before I had only


which was probably not enough on its own (the docs suggested that parameter
for zone transfers).

The transfer works but unfortunately the serial is not updated when I make
changes (by adding hosts to /etc/hosts for instance, and maybe when the IPs
provided by dnsmasq change (I do not know yet)). It stays at 1.
I have to manually delete the zone on the slave to have it re-transferred
upon changes.

Not being sure of the right etiquette for this list: should i send a new
email with that question?

Thank you for your help!
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