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> > systemctl restart dnsmasq
> this is not a SIGHUP... the following is one correct way... it is chosen
> for
> ease and not needing to find the process' PID...
>    pkill -SIGHUP dnsmasq
> here is another way... slightly more complicated because it does look up
> the PID...
>    kill -SIGHUP ${pidof dnsmasq}
> you may need to use sudo if you're doing these manually from the command
> line...
> you can use the signal name or number... the following will show you the
> list of
> signals, their numbers and a brief description...
>    man 7 signal
I know that this is not a signal but a restart of the service (I use
signals on a regular basis in my code as well).
My understanding is that this is a way to reload the configuration (as
mentioned by Simon) without stopping the service.

Do you mean that the right / only way to increase the serial is by sending
the signal?

I do not think so as it would make hosts management very awkward (one would
need not to forget to send the signal) and
another thread in the past mentioned that the serial is calculated in a
smart way to always reflect changes.

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