On 08/03/2018 12:26 PM, Wojtek Swiatek wrote:
I know that this is not a signal but a restart of the service (I use signals
on a regular basis in my code as well).

ok... we (TINW) don't know your level of expertise ;)

My understanding is that this is a way to reload the configuration (as
mentioned by Simon) without stopping the service.

ummm... in all of the various service control methods i've seen and used in *nix over the last 20 or so years, using a restart option simply issues two commands... a terminate command followed by a startup command...

AFAIK, SIGHUP is how to tell dnsmasq to ""restart"" without actually restarting... if that makes sense...

Do you mean that the right / only way to increase the serial is by sending
the signal?

from what i've read over the years of following this list, it would seem so but i've not dug through dnsmasq's code, either...

I do not think so as it would make hosts management very awkward (one would
need not to forget to send the signal) and

that's easy with a script that starts the editor to edit the changes and then automatically issues the SIGHUP afterward... that or maybe a cron driven watchdog that keeps up with the timestamps on the config files and automatically issues SIGHUP or restart when they have changed...

another thread in the past mentioned that the serial is calculated in a smart way to always reflect changes.

yes, i remember that... my questions to you are these...

  1. where is the serial number stored?
  2. does dnsmasq issue a new serial each time it is started?
3. does dnsmasq issue a new serial each time it is started and the config files have a different timestamp than the last time it was started?

in your situation, one might wonder what it would take for dnsmasq to work as a secondary (or tertiary or more) server... i don't know what is involved in that but it may be outside of dnsmasq's purpose/goal...

anyway, i'll be quiet now and read what simon and others have to offer on the problem...

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