Use dhcp-match to set a tag based on the existence of the "android"
substring in the hostname option, and then dhcp-ignore to ignore all
clients with that tag set.



On 04/08/18 16:32, Hugo Segovia wrote:
> Hello! 
> First, for "client name" I mean the fourth field in an typical
> line:
>                                                * this one! *
> 1532225279 aa:bb:cc:00:11:22 android-abcdexyx123456 *
> Now, to my issue: I've been asked to setup a little WLAN for free
> "Computers 101" courses, and the WLAN does not have any kind of
> security (not my choice, BTW...). As you can imagine,
> an open WLAN is VERY attractive for freeloaders.
> I've been adding "dhcp-host=mac-address,ignore" entries for a while, but
> I've been wondering if I could, for example, ignore all DHCP requests
> from hosts with a client name like
> "android-<somethingsomething>" (because we're not teaching "how to use
> your Android smartphone", hence it must come from freeloaders) 
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