Hi, Simon


Faced with dnsmasq crash on aarch64 (32bit userspace, 
arm-buildroot-linux-gnueabi-gcc 5.3.0) with dhcpv6 stateful configured.

Unaligned packet’s req_addr is used in lease6_allocate() for struct copy since 
2.67test15 (commit 89500e31f199e9ae1eadc86213b911ff44d30d6f).

As for other places, seems well-aligned stack-local vars are used.

Please refer proposed patch attached and gdb trace:


Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.

0x0003f990 in lease6_allocate (addrp=0xa55e6, lease_type=32) at lease.c:822

822           lease->addr6 = *addrp;

(gdb) bt

#0  0x0003f990 in lease6_allocate (addrp=0xa55e6, lease_type=32) at lease.c:822

#1  0x00055fac in update_leases (state=0xfffef8ac, context=0xa7ee8, 
addr=0xa55e6, lease_time=900, now=14609) at rfc3315.c:1825

#2  0x00055ab4 in add_address (state=0xfffef8ac, context=0xa7ee8, 
lease_time=900, ia_option=0xa55e2, min_time=0xfffef6d0, addr=0xa55e6, 
now=14609) at rfc3315.c:1684

#3  0x00053764 in dhcp6_no_relay (state=0xfffef8ac, msg_type=3, inbuff=0xa55a8, 
sz=128, is_unicast=0, now=14609) at rfc3315.c:938

#4  0x00051744 in dhcp6_maybe_relay (state=0xfffef8ac, inbuff=0xa55a8, sz=128, 
client_addr=0xfffef9a0, is_unicast=0, now=14609) at rfc3315.c:172

#5  0x000513b8 in dhcp6_reply (context=0xa7ee8, interface=23, 
iface_name=0xfffef978, fallback=0xfffef9f8, ll_addr=0xfffefa18, 
ula_addr=0xfffefa28, sz=128, client_addr=0xfffef9a0,

    now=14609) at rfc3315.c:103

#6  0x0004f4b4 in dhcp6_packet (now=14609) at dhcp6.c:233

#7  0x00038c78 in main (argc=3, argv=0xfffefd34) at dnsmasq.c:1099


Best Regards, Vladislav Grishenko


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