I'm trying to setup DNSmasq on my macOS server to do the following (and only 
the following):

-   No DNS functionality (handles elsewhere)

-   No DHCP functionality (handled elsewhere)

-   Only DHCPv6 functionality

    1.   Assign addresses in the range fd00::1:0 through fd00::1:ffff
    2.   Allow clients to also get/use SLAAC addresses from my router (so 
clients have both ULA and SLAAC addresses)
    3.   Preferably suppress the additional ULAs that get assigned (temporary 
and secured) - this is not essential
    4.   Clients will use the router address they get via SLAAC *not* one 
provided by DNSMasq *or* allow DNSMasq to provide a specified router address 
rather than the address of the machine where it is running (sine that is not a 
    5.   Provide DNS server addresses and DNS search domains to clients

Is this possible? I've sort of managed to get it to (unreliably) handle (1) and 
(2) but not (3), (4) or (5). I can live without (3).

Can anyone give me some pointers?

Thanks,   Chris

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