On 9/10/2018 10:22 PM, Louis Garcia II wrote:
Currently I have uefi pxe boot setup and working fine.  grub.cfg has different menu options 
pointing to different kickstart files for different systems. They are all x86_64 uefi. Is there a 
way to have dnsmasq serve different grub.cfg to different systems according to its MAC?  Would 
dhcp-mac=set:<tag>,<MAC> and renaming grub.cfg to <MAC>-grub.cfg help?

Maybe the option '--tftp-unique-root' could do what you want:


Add the IP or hardware address of the TFTP client as a path component on the end of the TFTP-root. Only valid if a tftp-root is set and the directory exists. Defaults to adding IP address (in standard dotted-quad format). For instance, if tftp-root is "/tftp" and client requests file "myfile" then the effective path will be "/tftp/" if /tftp/ exists or /tftp/myfile otherwise. When "=mac" is specified it will append the MAC address instead, using lowercase zero padded digits separated by dashes, e.g.: 01-02-03-04-aa-bb Note that resolving MAC addresses is only possible if the client is in the local network or obtained a DHCP lease from us. "

John Doe

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