I'm playing with new DNSMasq instalation in a raspberry pi and one thing I notice is that by default the DNSMasq service will forward everything to my router. Log file says:
Sep 14 07:41:53 dnsmasq[32]: query[A] google.com from
Sep 14 07:41:53 dnsmasq[32]: forwarded google.com to
>>> is my raspberry pi (DNSMasq). is my router. I ran that query from my computer with "dig @ google.com"
I didnt change anything in the original config files. My question is why is DNSMasq forwarding the queries to the router by default? This is just because I'm curious, theres nothing broke with my DNSMasq.
In the dnsmasq.conf file, I see that DNSMasq gets its upstream server from /etc/resolv.conf. In the raspberry pi, this is what /etc/resolv.conf has:
# Generated by resolvconf
So I'm curious why DNSMasq is not sending those requests to if that's what configured in /etc/resolv.conf. Why is log saying "forwarded google.com to" instead of "forwarded google.com to"?
Thank you
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