Hi all,
I have a very simple question, but it seems difficult to find a solution...
By default DNSMASQ sends Dhcp OFFER message with eth.dst=ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff , it sends to broadcast mac.
I have a dongle which works a bit outside specs, and can't answer to broadcast mac.
So, I need DNSMASQ to send the Dhcp OFFER messages (and better also ACK/NAK and the whole Dhcp stack) to a specific mac I set.
Does it exist such option?
I already was thinking to start crafting Dhcp frames myself... but I dont really want to rewrite my own DNSMASQ...
I know iptables doesnt have this option...
So, if DNSMASQ doesn't have this option too, how can I do that alternatively?
Thanks, SB
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