On 24/09/18 11:45, gravit...@gmx.com wrote:
> Amof, the first and only frames my dongle sends on eth at start, are
> some Dhcp DISCOVER, no arps at all.
> Please note that such Dhcp DISCOVER frames come with the broadcast bit
> NOT set.
> Afaik, that meas my dongle is indeed asking the Dhcp server to send a
> unicast response, directly to its mac.
> Instead QNSMASQ sends those Dhcp OFFER frames to broadcast.
> Why it happens so?

I can offer two reasons why it might be so. The first is that there's a
bug in dnsmasq, which is not unheard-of, but this is old code and a bug
has not been observed before. The second is that you're running dnsmasq
configured to always send broadcasts, using the --dhcp-broadcast option.

Check all the dnsmasq configuration files, that's the sort of thing that
gets slipped in because is solves someone's problem one time, and "it
can't do any harm".



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