Simon Kelley <> wrote:
> So, if I read the replies so far correctly, we have votes both for
> "ignore wpad by default, and give an option to switch that off" and
> "don't ignore wpad by default, but add the code to do so to the example
> config file."
> The first is a bit of a problem, if you have
> dhcp-name-match=set:wpad-ignore,wpad
> dhcp-ignore-names=tag:wpad-ignore
> either in a global config file, or baked into the code.
> there's no way to unset the wpad-ignore tag, or override the
> dhcp-ignore-names directive.

Sounds like this isn't the right way to define a configuration.
Since being able to override it seems important.

I'd argue in favor of baking in a number of these things...

"autodiscover" [1]

Probably "www" and "ftp", possibly "ns", and probably "mta-sts" [2].

As for examples, I suppose the next time I revisit dnsmasq, I might
look into the examples problem, currently I'm fighting yaks in pdns
land (which is where I learned about the mta-sts thing, which is
really awful, but, hey).

> 2. The client sends an Autodiscover request to 
>, and 
> does one of the following:

>  Thus, for a Policy Domain of "", the full URL is
>  "";.

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