On 05/10/18 06:06, Josh Soref wrote:
> Simon Kelley <si...@thekelleys.org.uk> wrote:
>> You say "When I perform DNSSEC validation over IPv6" which implies, but
>> doesn't state, that the same test works when talking to usptream DNS
>> servers over IPv4? Is that the case? Certainly, a quick test here works
>> over IPv4. I'm wondering if I need to resurrect my severely bit-rotted
>> IPv6 tunnel setup?
> Fwiw, I found https://tunnelbroker.net/ to be very easy to set up...
> (Everything else related to dns is harder...)

I used to use sixxs, but that's gone now.

My ISP (EE) seems to be rolling out IPv6, so it might be best to try and
get the stuff at this end set up for that. Being mobile makes it all
more difficult.



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