On 10/09/2018 09:57 AM, Jarno Elonen wrote:
Is it possible to expand hosts file entries against multiple domains with
Dnsmasq? Or perhaps setup a DNAME-like aliasing of hosts in one domain to
another domain?

To clarify, if my "/etc/hosts" contained... host1 host2 ...and my domains were "old-domain.com" and "new-domain.com", I'd like to
somehow configure dnsmasq to handle all these queries:
host1 -->
host2 -->
host1.old-domain.com -->
host2.old-domain.com -->
host1.new-domain.com -->
host2.new-domain.com -->

looks like a standard hosts file setup to me... but it could also be done
another way, as well...


i think that would work as well as entries in the hosts file for something like

of course, this would only work for those systems looking up on that dnsmasq

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