The dnsmasq code has a range of binary compile-time options, implemented
conventionally using the C pre-processor. These options are mutually
independent, so the numnber of different versions scales as 2^n. To keep
this managable, I'm trying to limit the number of options.

I've already removed HAVE_IPV6. This was added originally to support
very ancient embedded libc versions, and to save a few bytes on very
limited machines. I think it's reasonable to assume in 2018 that nobody
wants to eliminate IPv6 support, and that nobody is running with a libc
that doesn't know about IPv6.

The next option in my sights is NO_FORK. This produces a
mostly-functional binary that never forks any new processes. It was
added long ago to support uclinux, the MMU-less version of Linux. As far
as I can tell, MMU-less linux is a dead project, and I'm minded to
remove NO_FORK. Opinions? Is this option vital to something I'm not
aware of?



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