(I hope this isn't in a FAQ somewhere that I was unable to find...)

VirtualBox uses iPXE for it's boot BIOS but the feature set is quite
limited (due to lack of space apparently). I would like to boot URIs such
as HTTPS and use commands such as sanboot which requires a newer, more
featureful iPXE.

https://gist.github.com/robinsmidsrod/4008017 shows how to chainboot a
different iPXE using DHCPD. I would like to do something similar only using
dnsmasq. Has anyone been successful in doing this and have a config they
can share?

Work around: a newer iPXE can be obtained by booting ipxe.iso instead of
using the built-in iPXE. (But I would like to figure out how to do it
strictly over the network.)

Mark Gardner

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