On 11/12/2018 4:12 PM, Roy Marples wrote:
> Hi List
> dnsmasq has this lovely piece of code
> http://thekelleys.org.uk/gitweb/?p=dnsmasq.git;a=blob;f=src/option.c;h=462796996ef208bd013eece70fce51e7dc1a45ad;hb=HEAD#l3240
> This effectively stops me using dnsmasq to give the same IP address to
> wired and wireless interfaces (which are on the same network) of my laptop.
> The laptop in question runs NetBSD + dhcpcd can is more than capable of
> having the same address UP on >1 interface.
> Can this be removed, or an option added to disable the check please?
> I want to enjoy a persitent ssh shell from/to it while swapping between
> wired/wireless without it droping due to changing the IP address.

# Give a host with Ethernet address 11:22:33:44:55:66 or
# 12:34:56:78:90:12 the IP address Dnsmasq will assume
# that these two Ethernet interfaces will never be in use at the same
# time, and give the IP address to the second, even if it is already
# in use by the first. Useful for laptops with wired and wireless
# addresses.

Isn't the above what you want?

John Doe

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