On 12/11/2018 19:09, Jan Psota wrote:
On 12/11/2018 16:11, Donald Muller wrote:
You could put a reservation in dnsmasq for the wired and wireless
MAC addresses and give them the same IP address.


In /etc/dnsmask.hosts I have:
        ^^^^ ethernet ^^^,^^^^ wifi ^^^^^^^

but it _does not work for some laptops_! I don't understand, how, but
it does not. And for some it works like expected. Both on Windows 7!

Wow, that works and proves I missed that part of the man page!

It also shows there is a bug with dhcpcd (maybe on NetBSD) where it's not changing the subnet route to the correct interface, but I'll get that fixed.

Maybe the warning could be improved slightly though.


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