Apologies for raising what is probably a newbie question, but I’ve been unable 
to find an answer elsewhere despite several hours of online searching.

I am transferring the DHCP/DNS services provided by dnsmasq for my LAN from one 
device to another (the old device runs Debian wheezy; the new one runs Debian 

A number of the devices on my LAN have fixed IP addresses. Some of these are 
statically-defined on the devices themselves, and others are always assigned 
the same address by virtue of entries in dnsmasq.conf like this:


This is all pretty straightforward, and has worked fine for years on the old 

But what I’m noticing when I try to cut over to the new device is that the DNS 
service only appears to be resolving local LAN addresses for devices for which 
it has issued a DHCP lease. I had assumed that those fixed IP entries in 
dnsmasq.conf “initialized” the DNS service so that it would resolve them 
properly whether or not a lease had been issued.


  *   Is there a way to configure dnsmasq to act the way I expected it to?

  *   If not, what’s the recommended way of addressing the situation? I could 
put the fixed IP addresses in /etc/hosts. But I’ve resisted doing that because 
of concerns over someday accidentally changing the DHCP assignment in 
dnsmasq.conf and forgetting to update the corresponding entry in hosts (or vice 
versa). It feels kludgy.

- Mark

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