On Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 04:39:20PM +0000, Mark Olbert wrote:
> I am transferring the DHCP/DNS services provided by dnsmasq for my
> LAN from one device to another (the old device runs Debian wheezy;
> the new one runs Debian stretch).
> A number of the devices on my LAN have fixed IP addresses. Some of
> these are statically-defined on the devices themselves, and others are
> always assigned the same address by virtue of entries in dnsmasq.conf
> like this:
> dhcp-host=1C:6F:65:39:09:8D,colossus,
> This is all pretty straightforward, and has worked fine for years on
> the old device.
> But what I?m noticing when I try to cut over to the new device is that
> the DNS service only appears to be resolving local LAN addresses for
> devices for which it has issued a DHCP lease. I had assumed that those
> fixed IP entries in dnsmasq.conf ?initialized? the DNS service so that
> it would resolve them properly whether or not a lease had been issued.

I do mis a picture or drawing.  So I made one. 
Please view it with a mono spaced font   ( "typewriter" )

    +---------+              +---------+
    | wheezy  |              | stretch |
    +----+----+              +----+----+
         |                        |
      |               |               |
  +---+----+     +----+-----+    +----+----+     
  | client |     | colossus |    | client2 |
  +--------+     +----------+    +---------+     

>  What?s the recommended way of addressing the situation?

Frankly, I don't understand "the situation".

> I could put the fixed IP addresses in /etc/hosts. But I?ve resisted
> doing that because of concerns over someday accidentally changing
> the DHCP assignment in dnsmasq.conf and forgetting to update the
> corresponding entry in hosts (or vice versa). It feels kludgy.

I think the kludgy feeling is that the expected magic didn't work.

The trick is knowing that it is high tech, not magic.

Geert Stappers
Leven en laten leven

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