On 2018-11-22 21:24, Simon Kelley wrote:
On 19/11/2018 21:07, M. Buecher wrote:
Hello Simon and dnsmasq fellows,

I blacklist several domains via host files and wanted to skip the
blacklist for my testing client.
Unfortunately I couldn't find a solution for this in the man page, or
maybe I just didn't see the correct config combination.
Or did I miss a way to configure this with the existing features?

So I came up with the idea of tag-matching server and address
configuration, like...


This would provide a highly flexible way to blacklist/whitelist  domains
for specific clients.
But I assume it may be an ugly coding hell to implement.

The problem lies in the fact that there's nothing in the DNS part of
dnsmasq to determine the tags - the taq-set that's used in the DHCP part
of dnsmasq is determined dynamically during each DHCP transaction:
there's no way to make it long-lived and associate it with DNS request
that arrives later.



Thanks for the info.

Right now I'm trying to find out how to run multiple dnsmasq instances for different interfaces on Debian with systemd. The second interface shall be a virtual one on the real one with a different ip address, so that I can distribute "a different DNS server" to my test client.

Thanks for your time

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