Dear all,

I observe that dnsmasq does not log the result of a query that was
replied to with NXDOMAIN when the response does not include an SOA
record. To my understanding, this is because, without an SOA record, no
TTL is available and the logging event when adding a domain to the
internal cache in not triggered.

Steps to reproduce:

   1. Configure dnsmasq to use the server
   2. Query
   3. Observe that the following is logged (extra logging format):

Dec 15 16:11:32 dnsmasq[14851]: 1853 query[A] from
Dec 15 16:11:32 dnsmasq[14851]: 1853 forwarded to

As you see, the reply (NXDOMAIN) is missing although the response is
correctly sent to the requesting client.

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