While looking through the example dnsmasq.conf file comments with a
view to seeing if there was anything relevant to my recent question
about losing DHCP configuration when re-connecting I found:-

    # Set the DHCP server to authoritative mode. In this mode it will barge in
    # and take over the lease for any client which broadcasts on the network,
    # whether it has a record of the lease or not. This avoids long timeouts
    # when a machine wakes up on a new network. DO NOT enable this if there's
    # the slightest chance that you might end up accidentally configuring a DHCP
    # server for your campus/company accidentally. The ISC server uses
    # the same option, and this URL provides more information:
    # http://www.isc.org/files/auth.html

The link http://www.isc.org/files/auth.html is broken and, although I
searched around a bit in isc.org I couldn't find anything relevant.

By the way, while I'm about it would this possibly be the answer to my
DHCP re-connect problem?  "This avoids long timeouts when a machine
wakes up on a new network." does sound a bit hopeful.  However I'm not
really clear what the sentence after means so I'm not sure if I can
try this safely or not.

Chris Green

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