On 1/11/19 7:22 PM, Tasnad Kernetzky wrote:
Hi all,

I wanted to report a bug (at least we belieave it is one). We had a
short discussion over at the archlinux bugtracker

In short:

echo 'address=/ab--c.example.com/#' | dnsmasq --test -C -

dnsmasq: error at line 1 of stdin

Althoug the URL is "forbidden":

host 'ab--c.example.com'
host: 'ab--c.example.com' is not a legal IDNA2008 name (string
contains forbidden two hyphens pattern), use +noidnin

is that a punycode domain name? all the one's i've seen are written as


firefox has a specific option we set so we don't get taken in by look-alike homographs... specifically the links with unicode characters in them are displayed in their punycode form, xn--blahblah... these links explain more if some folks don't know about this aspect of the DNS system...


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