On 14/01/2019 15:56, libor.buk...@oracle.com wrote:
> Hello,
> patches resolve the build failures, functionality, and performance
> issues on Solaris. A brief description is included in each patch.
> Please let me know whether these patches could be merged and which
> changes are necessary.

Very happy in principle to merge. After a quick look though, I have the
following observations.

Patch 0 - I think this may be out of date WRT the current code, which
removed the HAVE_IPV6 conditional compilation for IPv6 support.

Patch 1 - Looks fine. I wonder why I couldn't get SIOCSXARP
to work, as detailed in my comment?

Patch 2 - There is a Makefile included in the contrib/lease-tools
directory. I'd rather work on that than include it in the main Makefile.
This is a nasty , unsupported hack, and I'd really like OpenStack to use
the RemoveDhcpLease DBus method instead, but that's not your problem.
Happy to take conditional compilation patches or even a Solaris forked
version as another source file, but it all has to stay in contrib/

Patch 3 - Nasty, but Not My Problem. will take as is.

Patch 4 - This adds loads of conditional code in src/dnsmasq.c because
Linux deals in terms of interface names, and Solaris in interface
indexes. Much better to make whichdevice() and bindtodevice() return and
take struct irec *, then the Linux version can use the name from that,
and Solaris version the index. The only OS-specific code becomes



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