On 1/18/19 10:36 AM, Harald Dunkel wrote:

Do you think dnsmasq could watch/ping its IP address range while it is
idle, caching the result? It might examine the local arp table as well:
If there is an entry with matching MAC and IP address, isn't it reasonable
to assume that the IP address is not in use somewhere else?

PS: I found https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5227 on the web. Interesting
read, but probably it won't help to avoid the delay.

I would agree that it should the job of the client to make sure that
the IP address is not in use yet, and to reply with a DHCPDECLINE to
the dhcp server. But AFAICS strongswan's dhcp plugin doesn't, and
surely it is not alone.

Will dnsmasq offer another IP address in case it receives a decline?

Thanx anyway. Keep on your good work


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