I will check with Netgear to see if can be enabled.

Is there any other way to determine guest wi-fi DHCP requests vs other DHCP 

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If you can enable "DHCP option 82" on your Netgear Wifi then I think Yes.
When enabled, look for DHCP packets on dnsmasq server  "tcpdump -i ethx  
-nnvvvN port 67"

Something like this should appear:
Circuit-ID SubOption 1 :  "Netgear wifi guest ..."

In dnsmasq config file:
dhcp-circuitid=set:TEST1,"Netgear wifi guest ..."

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Since no one responded I am assuming this is not possible.

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This is probably not possible but I thought I would ask.

Is it possible for DNSMASQ to determine the SSID for a DHCP request? I would 
like to be able to assign different values for devices using the guest network. 
DNSMASQ is running on my QNAP NAS while I have a Netgear wireless router 
providing the wireless connectivity.


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