I did it like Petr say, setting up 2 SSID in wireless router, each of them in a different VLAN (my wireless router has this possibility). With Tags you can also set different GW or DNS or ...

Le 28/01/2019 à 20:47, Petr Mensik a écrit :
Hi Donald,

it is kind of possible. But usually there is another way to solve your

First of all, you want to assign guests different addresses. Why would
you want that? I think you want to separate them from internal network.
Good design. However, that means they should be coming from different
network device. Just need to map device request is coming from to
different range and tag.

Or maybe better, have separate instances listening just on given
interface. For example have guest network have VLAN 1, internal VLAN 2.
Run dnsmasq with bind-interfaces, interface=eth0.1 and so on.
Another instance with interface=eth0.2, etc. It would separate
physically guests from home users, would allow firewall separation as
well. Possibly just one direction.

It would not be simple setup I am afraid. Requires a lot of
configuration outside dnsmasq. I guess you are looking for some simple
configuration. I am afraid I do not know simpler setup.

Is this somehow simplified in OpenWRT for example?


On 1/11/19 10:58 PM, Donald Muller wrote:
This is probably not possible but I thought I would ask.

Is it possible for DNSMASQ to determine the SSID for a DHCP request? I would 
like to be able to assign different values for devices using the guest network. 
DNSMASQ is running on my QNAP NAS while I have a Netgear wireless router 
providing the wireless connectivity.



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