On 2/1/2019 5:34 PM, Donald Muller wrote:
> Router is Netgear R7800 running the Netgear firmware.
> Yeah I was thinking of maybe putting in an AP or another wireless router in 
> bridge mode as I can set a VLAN by port on the R7800.

If you're willing to flash the FW to OpenWrt (1), there's no need to buy
an extra access point.
All could be done with in OpenWrt.

If for any reasons you can't change the OEM FW buying an extra AP sounds
reasonable, being a router in bridge mode or a an AP.

If you go the router in bridge mode way, I would strongly consider the
ability to change the stock FW to something else (OpenWrt, DD-WRT ...).

1)  https://openwrt.org/toh/netgear/r7800

John Doe

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