Hello everyone

I am quite desperate with some CNAMES and would appreciate any help.
I have a DHCP device (switch-3) which gets it address via dnsmasq. I can
ping it and dig @ (on the host with dnsmasq) shows its IP.

The strange thing is that a dig for switch-3 and for switch-3.swtk.info
(the FQDN, expanded thanks to host-expand) return the same IP, but the
first one has a TTL of 0 and the second one of 600. No idea why. Both ping
fine (as the IP is the same)

I then wanted to add a CNAME for ch1-lampe-bureau which would point to
switch-3 and I tried to add


as well as all combinations of FQDN (on both the CNAME and target). None of
them work, a dig does not show the CNAME.

At the same time, when doing an AXFR from another host I get

ch1-lampe-bureau.swtk.info. 600 IN      CNAME   switch-3.swtk.info.

I am lost at understanding how this works: apparently dnsmasq knows about
the CNAME but does not provide it (except to an AXFR).

Any ideas really welcome, thanks.
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