Hi all. Happy 2019!

A bit of an odd question: Is there any way to run dnsmasq in some kind
of standalone test or dry-run mode without being connected to
actual/virtual networks, where I could define subnets and IP ranges,
somehow issue requests for IPs on subnets, and then use those IPs in my
VM deployment tests that require static IPs, releasing them when done or
when their lease expires?


I work in a test team on a product that does a lot of virtual network
configuration for various deployed VMs. Some of the testing uses dhcp
for the VMs' interfaces, so far so good. Some tests need to exercise
static IP configuration. I need a way to manage the allocation of static
IPs on all the test VMs in our automation. Hard coding the values is
cumbersome, error prone, and we run out of IPs in most /24 subnets
pretty quickly if we make sure every test deployment has a unique static

So I got to thinking. I could write some kind of static IP allocator
that would respond to requests on a per-subnet basis, release the IPs
back into a pool of some kind when the test is done with them, maybe
have a timeout to auto-release the IPs in case the release is missed,...

Hang on. Sounds like dhcp. Which brings me to my above question, and
this email.

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