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I have a setup where 3 VLANs are involved and stateless-static-route
are sended for one of them. Some devices can be part of one or
another of this VLANs.

Problem is that if a device was connected to the VLAN who sended
the static-routes, when switching to one of the other VLAN the
static-routes are still there.

Is there a way to remove static routes via a dhcp option ? Opposite
of option 121 ?

Thanks for any hint

On Linux with NetworkManager are all routes over a device deleted
whenever the device is disconnected.

So when you have a disconnect upon VLAN hop-over you are fine.

Upon connect happens another DHCP including  option 121 static routes.

I face this problem with Windows client (8.1)

But a disconnect is seen by that client while switching VLAN?

No, that's my problem. At this time I'm looking to find a way to tell
Windows to delete all routes when changing SSID.

It seems that even a reboot doesn't delete those static routes.

FWIW   I just came across this

| option rfc3442-classless-static-routes code 121 = array of integer 8;
| option ms-classless-static-routes code 249 = array of integer 8;
| option rfc3442-classless-static-routes 24, 172,24,4, 172,24,0,4,  24, 
192,168,72, 172,24,0,4,  0, 172,24,0,1;
| option ms-classless-static-routes      24, 172,24,4, 172,24,0,4,  24, 
192,168,72, 172,24,0,4,  0, 172,24,0,1;

It is ISC dhcp server configuration saying

   ip route add via
   ip route add via
   ip route add default via

twice.  Once in standard and once for Microsoft systems.

Thing I'm trying to say:

  When those wierd Microsoft systems consider option 121 as persistent,
  maybe you can try option 249.

Hi Geert. Already tried it :(

I stopped to work on this and tell people to restart their computer, they are used to ;)

Thanks for your help


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