Hi Simon,

Am 14.03.19 um 18:41 schrieb Simon Kelley:
> Is this a use for something like the ISC dhcpd shared-network configuration.
> In the dnsmasq case, we could have something like
> shared-network=<interface>,<address/prefix-length>
> or
> shared-network=<interface-address>,<address/prefix-length>
> In the first case dnsmasq would behave _as_if_ the specified interface
> carried the address and netmask specified.
> In the second case, it would behave as if the interface which carries
> interface-address also carried the address and netmask specified.
> If I've understood correctly, you'd just need a shared-network
> declaration for each of your /24s.

What you describe is exactly what I would need. However, as far

as I understand the documentation of the shared network feature in ISC dhcpd

they still require that the network is configured on the DHCP interface (as 
alias, secondary etc.).

This already works in dnsmasqd. I would need the feature that does not

require the addresses to be actually configured on the interface as you

describe it.

> For the avoidance of doubt, this is NOT currently implemented on
> dnsmasq, but it has been on the "desirable" list in my head for some time.

I would like to help you implementing this, but unfortunately I am not at all

familiar with the dnsmasq code (yet). I do not know how complicated it is

to implement this, but I can at least help testing.



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