I read in the manual that `--server` is intended for private nameservers.

However, my use case is the exact opposite. I have `resolv-file` set to
`/etc/dnsmasq-resolv.conf`, which is populated with the address of the router
by systemd-resolved. But since the router's nameserver is no good, I want to
use the router to resolve LAN domains only.

At first I thought of this config:

    # OpenDNS

But of course, this won't work. When I look up a local name, e.g. "iPhone",
the query is forwarded to OpenDNS and NXDOMAIN is returned, and dnsmasq stops
there, without (as I had foolishly wished) asking the router for an address.

Now sure I could use:


But then this is relying on the router's IP being this particular address.
Ideally, maybe dnsmasq might support something like:


I'm not certain whether this is compatible with the current syntax, but
something like this would be great!

Am I missing something? What do you think?

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