Hello all,

I have a working IPv4 setup as follows:
1) AVM FritzBox as DSL router
2) Debian / dnsmasq 2.80-1 router, with eth0 being uplink to the FritzBox
and eth1.X the client VLANs (1-16)
3) a couple dozen clients in the different VLANs

Now I want to expand this setup to IPv6.

The router itself has working IPv6 connectivity, with the FritzBox getting
a /56 from the provider and distributing a /62 prefix via IA_PD and an IPv6
address (not in the /62 prefix but in the larger /56) via IA_NA to the
router, with dhclient dealing with configuring eth0. An example prefix on
eth0 would be 2001:a61:2456:b8fc::/62.

I want each VLAN IPv6 range to be set up as <prefix>:VLAN_ID:<DHCPv6
allocation>. How do I express this with dnsmasq?

In addition: right now I have "interface=eth0, no-dhcp-interface=eth0" in
the configuration so that machines in the FritzBox network can access the
DNS resolver part of dnsmasq. Unfortunately, "enable-ra" enables router
advertisements on eth0, but not on eth1.X according to the logs!

How do I prevent this and have dnsmasq only send RAs / respond to DHCPv6 on
VLANs where I explicitly state it?

Kind regards
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