In many dhcpv6 servers and on layer 3 switches, you can configure the valid
lifetime and the preferred lifetime separately for dhcpv6 leases.  Does
that functionality exist in dnsmasq?  It doesn't seem to be documented in
the man page.  Looking under dhcp-range, the lease time seems to configure
both attributes in the actual dhcp lease.  If that feature is not built in,
can that be added?

Another question I had is if it would be better to have the valid time be a
bit longer than the preferred time by default.  I notice on some of my
clients that if the dnsmasq dhcpv6 server is set to a higher lease time,
that on the DHCP Request from the client after the server has responded
with an Advertise, they request 7200 seconds as the preferred time and 7500
seconds as the valid time.
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