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Am 04.04.2019 16:10:32, "Simon Kelley" <si...@thekelleys.org.uk> schrieb:

How are you producing the dnsmasq captures? on the host running dnsmasq,
or elsewhere on the network?

Both captures were produced on that machine, which runs the DHCP server.
This means, on the non working setup, this is my linux router.
The fritzbox also does offer a capture on its interfaces itself.

Captures where done with tcpdump on port 67+68.

The DHCP is asking for, and getting, broadcast replies (ie to It's just possible that : 1) no other DHCP clients
you've used ask for this
What do you mean by this? Sorry, but I didn't understand this.

 2) the firewall configuration on the host
running dnsmasq blocks packets with destination
I can rule this out. If I take the same network cable, which I used for Netboot, but instead, connect my modern ThinkPad X260, DHCP works just perfectly fine. I did also give now a try and connected directly the Netboot machine to an interface directly on the machine, which hosts DNSMasq.
So I think, I can rule out at least the hardware side here.


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