On Thu, Apr 04, 2019 at 05:37:57PM +0000, Conrad Kostecki wrote:
> Hi Geert,
> Am 04.04.2019 14:55:47, "Geert Stappers" <stapp...@hendrikx-itc.nl> schrieb:
> > 
> > The fritzbox is,  dnsmasq machine is
> This is fine. My current setup with an linux router uses
> The test with the FritzBox was completly standalone and not connected in any
> way to my current subnet.
> I was just testing, if DHCP itself would succssed, when an other router acts
> as server.

OK.  Thanks for the elaboration

> > Both hand out subnet mask, none provides a client IP address.
> So /24 is correct here.


> What what do you mean by none provied client ip address?

I was wrong, I should have looked better. I saw only
  Client IP address:

The next line in Wireshark shows
  Your (client) IP address:     (dnsmasq)
  Your (client) IP address:     (fritzbox)


Geert Stappers
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