Thank you for your reply Simon. If DNS service is down and dnsmasq receive immediate icmp reject will this be a) cached, b) handled as immediate error with next name server tried immediately, or c) just a timeout within system defined time out?

We are looking to avoid a delay with failing / overloaded DNS servers, whence 
asking all those weird questions.

Thanks again,

On 4/4/2019 10:39 AM, Simon Kelley wrote:
On 27/03/2019 00:32, wrote:
Dear list,

I configured dnsmasq with enabled negative cache and neg-ttl 600.  I
attempted to use it with a query that times out (configured fake dns servers
in the config file).  When I ping a host, I have NXDOMAIN in logs.  However,
every time I ping it dnsmasq asks those servers to resolve the host.
Shouldn't I get rejection immediately based on dnsmasq negative cache?

Thank you in advance,

A time-out will not be cached, which is generally sensible, I think.


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