Thank you for your response! Got me thinking about releasing the IP address 
from the Windows machine; in the end, I found instructions here:
 on how to force Windows not to request an IP address from the DHCP server 
(Dnsmasq honours that).

In particular:

ipconfig /release
net stop dhcp
net start dhcp
ipconfig /renew

This worked!

Thank you all,

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Subject: Re: [Dnsmasq-discuss] DHCP tag being ignored?

On 4/6/19 1:41 PM, Dave Thompson wrote:
> I can see that the Windows 7 VM is requesting 104. Perhaps Dnsmasq is
> honouring that and ignoring the config file?

i think you have to release the address, first... something so that the VM won't
try to request the last address it had... if it requests a valid address that is
not in current use, it will be allowed and accepted IIUC...

in the past we've renumbered the network addresses so the old numbers were not
valid which forced the assignment of a new address which was the desired
effect... when we renumbered the addresses, we basically just changed the 3rd

eg: 192.168.0.*/24 -> 192.168.100.*/24

maybe you can do something similar to reach your desired objective?

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