On Mon, 2019-04-08 at 16:24 +0200, e9hack wrote:
> From the first I see:
> daemon.info dnsmasq[1808]: Connected to system UBus
> daemon.info dnsmasq[1808]: UBus support enabled: connected to system bus
> From the second I see:
> daemon.err dnsmasq[1809]: Cannot add object to UBus: Invalid argument
> daemon.info dnsmasq[1809]: UBus support enabled: bus connection pending
> Sometimes, the starting sequence is inverted. The error occurs all the time 
> on the
> seconded started instance only.
> This occurs since this commit:
> commit  a2b8220f4e82e454bbc0013ee83ea3220111d92e
> Improved UBus supported

I proposed that change. The reason you see this now is that I've added extra 
logging to
the results of the various UBus operations. Previously, UBus failures were 
simply ignored
giving you no clue as to why it did not work. 

>From your description it is quite easy to explain what is happening here: UBus 
you from registering objects with duplicate names: hence the "invalid argument" 

I've to give it some thought about how we could support multiple Dnsmasq 
instances in
combination with UBus. Not sure how the DBus implementation would handle this...


  Jan Willem

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