Dnsmasq gang:

Many moons ago I ran my own network router at home and configured
everything by hand.

My router had a /etc/resolv.conf pointing to itself as the authoritative
name server and had a /etc/resolv.conf.dnsmasq that the DHCP service
updated when the external IP changed.

I just told dnsmasq to use the alternate resolve.conf file.

I subsequently switched to an appliance that ran dnsmasq and haven't
switched back.

Now I'm working on something similar.  A raspberry pi like device that runs
dnsmasq and a vpn client to connect home, and then in turn can allow
connections back home via ssh, etc.

Trying to duplicate what I used to do is impossible because of the changes
in other tools that ride along next to dnsmasq.  So far I keep finding
roadblocks provided by systemd, resolved, etc.

Anybody have any idea how I should go about this now?

Is there an updated howto or something I could look at?  I googled but
couldn't find anything useful.
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