On 13-05-2019 11:02, Roy Marples wrote:
> On 13/05/2019 09:31, Kristoffel Pirard wrote:
>> The dnsmasq man page for the --user parameter says that "Dnsmasq must
>> _normally_ be started as root".  We tested starting as non-root user,
>> but with capabilities cap_net_bind_service, cap_net_admin,
>> cap_net_raw.  It currently seems to work, but I'm debating if we
>> should actually use this 'hack'.
>> So should the ambiguous adverb 'normally' be removed from the
>> documentation?  If not, what are the circumstances in which it is
>> allowed to not start as root?
> The whole world is not Linux. Most other OS's don't have these caps.
In other words:    The _normally_  in  'Dnsmasq must normally be started
as root' is correct.


Geert Stappers

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