On 14/05/2019 04:54, Steve Lloyd wrote:
I am running dnsmasq on the lastest stretch on a rpi.  For some reason dnsmasq dies after about 20 minutes,  I can restart it and it will last another 20 minutes.  Any insight on how to fix this would be much appreciated.  Here is the status after it dies, followed by the resolvconf.conf


May 14 03:45:22 nifd.local systemd[1]: dnsmasq.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV May 14 03:45:22 nifd.local dnsmasq[4488]: /sbin/resolvconf: 7: /etc/resolvconf.conf: <>: not found


*HERE IS MY resolvconf.conf file*
# Configuration for resolvconf(8)
# See resolvconf.conf(5) for details

# If you run a local name server, you should uncomment the below line and
# configure your subscribers configuration files below.

And there's the error. Let me quote resolvconf.conf(5)

     resolvconf.conf is the configuration file for resolvconf(8).  The
resolvconf.conf file is a shell script that is sourced by resolvconf(8), meaning that resolvconf.conf must contain valid shell commands. Listed below are the standard resolvconf.conf variables that may be set. If the values contain whitespace, wildcards or other special shell characters, ensure they are quoted and escaped correctly. See the replace variable
     for an example on quoting.

So your line needs to read


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