Apologies if this is an obvious question but I'm new to this.

I have a device with internal Wifi setup as a hotspot. This device can either 
be standalone or connected to Ethernet and provided with internet access. When 
I connect a phone to the Wifi I want it to have access to internet if it's 
available, otherwise it should be able to use it's mobile data at the same 
time. Unfortunately some phones (like iPhone) won't allow you to use mobile 
data if they think the Wifi provides internet. We didn't think this was 
possible until we found another product that achieves what we want. It seems 
that they set the DHCP Gateway but don't set a DNS server unless internet is 
available on the Ethernet.

Right now dnsmasq.conf is set to:

This allows the phone to access internet on Ethernet if it's available, but the 
phone won't use its own mobile data. I managed to get that to work by adding:
but now the phone won't access the internet from Ethernet. I think I need 
something halfway - allow the DNS to be set from Ethernet if it's available, 
otherwise don't set it.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I might achieve this?

Tom Isaacson

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