Hello everyone,

I am having a problem with the following setup:
  * Ubuntu 19.04 Desktop
  * name resolution is done via systemd-resolved.
  * On I have connected various clients which should get
their IP via dnsmasq / dhcp.
  * systemd-resolved is configured to forward queries to the domain
*.vir to the dnsmasq-instance.
  * When connecting to a client via ssh, systemd-resolved hammers the
dnsmasq-instance with AAAA queries and delays the name
    resolution, therefor making the connection-process slow.
  * Above behaviour **only** happens to devices which get their name via DHCP.

I built dnsmasq from source (v2.80-53-g343b7b4) and used the following



In the following section I am querying two hostnames, phoebe.vir and test.vir.
test.vir is configured via address= whereas phoebe.vir receives is's
address via DHCP.

$ dig +short @ phoebe.vir A

dnsmasq: 1 query[A] phoebe.vir from
dnsmasq: 1 DHCP phoebe.vir is

$ dig +short @ test.vir A

dnsmasq: 2 query[A] test.vir from
dnsmasq: 2 config test.vir is

$ dig +short @ test.vir AAAA

dnsmasq: 3 query[AAAA] test.vir from
dnsmasq: 3 config test.vir is NODATA-IPv6

$ dig +short @ phoebe.vir AAAA

dnsmasq: 4 query[AAAA] phoebe.vir from
dnsmasq: 4 config error is REFUSED

I would have expected that the last two queries yield the same response.
systemd-resolved is perfectly happy with the NODATA-IPv6 response
whereas it continues querying the dnsmasq-instance
until it runs into a timeout.

Do you have any input on this? Is this a problem with my config or
perhaps dnsmasq or systemd-resolved?

With kind regards,
Maik Allgöwer

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