I am trying to mimic the following ISC option space definition

option space arrcus_opt code width 2 length width 2 hash size 17;
  option arrcus_opt.config-url code 35 = text;
  option arrcus_opt.script-url code 36 = text;

host SeastoneXP-SpineB {
    hardware ethernet <MAC_ADDRESS>;
    fixed-address <MGMT_IP_ADDRESS>;
    option default-url = <ONL_IMAGE>;
    vendor-option-space arrcus_opt;
    option arrcus_opt.script-url = "<URL_TO_BOOT_SCRIPT>";
    option host-name  <HOSTNAME>;
However I am struggling to get this to work in dnsmasq I think its because the 
code with is 2 bytes.  I have even tried the full hex, which in my case would 


which does work, but wondering if there is a more graceful way.

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