DNS from the Roku streamers is working as it should.

I am not sure idea why.

I learned a little about tcpdump and ran it on the router while using nslookup 
and dig on a Linux machine to learn how to use tcpdump and to see what "normal" 
traffic looked like.

In my dnsmasq.conf, I took the "net:red" tags off of the dhcp-host assignments 
for the Rokus, and waited for DHCP lease renewals. Then I used tcpdump on the 
router to observe incoming DNS requests and saw that they were addressing the 

Then I put the "net:red" tags back on the dhcp-host assignments, and again 
waited for DHCP lease renewals. Again using tcpdump on the router to observe 
incoming DNS requests I saw the Rokus were indeed talking to the assigned DNS 
server at, and lo and behold the apps that were previously not working 
due to failing to access their advertising servers are now working.

I'm preplexed. I am sure I've changed nothing else, but in all of the thrashing 
around to figure out what is happening I must have touched something that 

Thank you to all who offered advice. I know more about networking and my new 
router now thanks to your input, and that's a definite positive.

Art Greenberg

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