>> So what else I can use beside `resolvectl`?
>> | Basically, look at the top of /etc/resolv.conf to see what is handeling it.
>> Ah, thank!
>> $ systemd-resolve --status | tail -11
>> Link 2 (eth0)
>>      Current Scopes: DNS
>>       LLMNR setting: yes
>> MulticastDNS setting: no
>>      DNSSEC setting: no
>>    DNSSEC supported: no
>>         DNS Servers:
>>                      2607:f798:18:10:0:640:7125:xxxx
>>                      2607:f798:18:10:0:640:7125:yyyy
>>          DNS Domain: my.own.domain.tld
>> | Somehow I do read "`dig host` expecting `dig host.domain.tld`"
>> | because I have been bitten by assuming that domain name always
>> | gets added.
>> Bingo! That's exactly the problem!!
>> | Recheck the configuration of your DHCP server ...
>> For DHCP server configuration, I'm following this almost word for word:
>> https://sfxpt.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/dnsmasq-installation-configuration-5/
>> So how do I make sure that the domain name always gets added, in my
>> DHCP/DNS server configuration?

Are you expecting a reply when you dig for hostA to be for hostA.domain.tld? 

Because your DNS domain in systemd-resolve is my.own.domain.tld, so when you 
dig for hostA it’s going to query for hostA.my.own.domain.tld, NOT 
hostA.domain.tld, and would fail to get a proper response.

If this is the case, you need to adjust your DNS domain to be domain.tld or add 
domain.tld as an additional search domain to the nameserver options in your 
netplan.io configuration (Ubuntu should be using Netplan.io 
<http://netplan.io/> for network configuration). 

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