I have a system that has two WAN interfaces... one WAN is used for management, 
and the other WAN is used for normal internet access.  Each WAN has its own DNS 
and DHCP Servers upstream.  The DNS Server on the Management WAN will serve out 
IP addresses for the management sites, while the other WAN will use public DNS 
Servers to resolve IP addresses for DNS queries.

I am interested in knowing best practice in how to configure dnsmasq for these 
dual-wan situations?   Do I need to run two dnsmasq processes or can a single 
dnsmasq process handle multiple WANs?  The management processes running on the 
system will use eth0.10 (VLAN 10) to access the management WAN, while normal 
user traffic will use eth0 (untagged) interface to get to the internet.

Does anyone have a sample configuration on how to configure this?

Thanks in advance,


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