Hi Petr,

I think what you are suggesting is to use server entry to define the IP 
Addresss corresponding to the domain name of the dns server on the management 
interface.  Unfortunately, in my case we use udhcpc to learn of the upstream 
dns server;s IP address.  There is no domain name for the management server... 
only an IP address.  The only thing I will know is that the xx.xx.xx.xx IP 
address I learned via udhcpc is on the management wan interface... I won't know 
its domain name.   So for any given dns request dnsmasq gets, dnsmasq will 
potentially need to query both wans (data and management) to resolve the IP 
address.  Is this possible to do?  It will NOT have a domain name to direct it 
to the right wan to query.



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Hi Petr,

In my situation with dual-wans, I am not too concerned about management network 
being accessible to  all users, so using a single dnsmasq is acceptable.  I am 
using dnsmasq to serve dhcp and dns requests on the data network, but it only 
needs to support dns requests on the management network.

What I have tried so far is to add the nameserver entries for both wans to 
resolv.conf.  However, I am seeing dns queries only go to the data wan... they 
are not going to the management wan.   How does dnsmasq know that nameserver 
xx.xx.xx.xx is on management wan, and nameserver yy.yy.yy.yy is on data wan... 
and how does dnsmasq know to query both wans for any given dns request?  I 
think what I had hoped is that dnsmasq would first query dns server upstream on 
the data wan, then if it did not resolve the address, it would then try to 
query the dns server on the management wan.

I know there is a listen address which I presume is somehow used to in essence 
route the request to a given wan, but I am not sure.  I think what I really 
need is an example on how to do this.

Thanks for your help with this.

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